To upload datasets, click the data tab on the menu bar, click add data, and fill the form provided. Click the various upload buttons to upload the microdata, and other necessary documentation.

You can make as many submissions as possible, as long as information provided is about data collection activities that have been carried out by your organization.

Our contact information is available on the About page of this website.

You will see a search icon at the top of the page where you can type in the name of the dataset you are looking for. You can also use the various filters available to narrow your search. If you still cannot find the data set you are looking for, then it has not been published on the website. However, the web based inventory will be updated periodically. You can check back regularly to find the dataset you need.

All datasets with available microdata will be specified. You can also filter the datasets based on avaialbility of the microdata

You will see a notification on the web page after a successful submission. Generally, it takes one month for submitted data to be verified and published. Check the website regularly to know if dataset you submitted has been published.

The inventory will be periodally updated, however, If you know of surveys that are not available on this website, please let us know on our feedback page.

Everyone benefits, including investigators, funding agencies, the scientific community, and, most importantly, the public. It also prevents unnecessary dulication of surveys. It ensures maximum use of the data collected.

The entire public has access to the metadata, and documentation. However, access to the micro data depends on the permission provided by the data provider. Please visit the ‘microdata access section’ on the about page to learn more about the micro data access categories.

The data provider benefits, because as the data are used, the data provider’s reputation grows

Contact details of organizations that submitted datasets will be provided for each dataset.

Please email us, and we will get back to you shortly.