Multiple partners (multiple and bilateral donors, non-governmental organizations, faith based organizations and the private sector) carry out multiple vertical health intervention programs in the country with the overall goal of improving the health and well-being of Nigerians. To build an effective monitoring system to coordinate health partners, there is a need to document their activities and objectives.

In response to this need, this web based health partners’ inventory has been developed by the Department of Health Planning, Research and Statistics (DPRS) to update our data on all health interventions carried out in the country from 2015. This will help provide insight into the current situation of health partners and their projects in the country, and ensure that funds provided to carry out health projects are not targeted at a few disease programs or a narrow set of interventions.


The objectives of this web based health partners’ inventory are:

  1. To have an accessible online database of all health partners in the country
  2. To have a holistic view of health projects carried out by health partners within the country.
  3. To identify gaps in health programs and interventions, and reschedule priorities for future planning.
  4. To enhance harmonization and information sharing among health partners for a more coordinated, coherent and efficient health partner support system.
  5. To monitor health partners and ensure the alignment of their activities with the country’s agenda and priorities.